Car Wash Services from Mid-West Equipment Sales


Mid-West Equipment is the largest D&S Car Wash Systems Distributor in the United States, and we offer a full line of car wash systems, including self-serve, in bay automatics, tunnel equipment, support equipment, parts, custom graphics, and consultation.


Mid-West Equipment employs certified D&S Car Wash Systems technicians to erect and install D&S Car Wash Equipment and MacNeil Tunnel Equipment.  However, we require a certified electrician and plumber on site during an installation to ensure federal laws are followed during the installation process.


Mid-West Equipment can service your car wash with 40 years of experience in the car wash industry.  We employ the best service professionals in the Mid-West to aid in troubleshooting and maintaining your car wash.  Excellence is our standard for providing the best quality service for your equipment.

Equipment Removal

Mid-West Equipment can remove any car wash system currently installed on your property and can help preserve equipment for re-sale or later use.  Though preservation of equipment requires careful attention and consultation, this can effect the cost of removal.


As previous owners of over 25 independent car washes, Mid-West Equipment can provide our customers with the tools and the know-how to build a successful business.  From business Proforma to Site Analysis, we understand the car wash business and how to be successful.  Reach out to a Regional Sales Manager for more information.  See the Contact Us page for more details.

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