Get a Car Wash Facility that Attracts Customers

Mid-West Equipment Sales can provide car wash design & construction services that are second to none. With 40 years of experience in the car wash industry, our team can design a unique facility that meets your needs and expectations as well as those of your potential customers.

Need a general contractor?
Mid-West Equipment Sales partners with several construction companies that will successfully get your project completed – including design, full construction, construction management, and operations. We can put you in touch with the right company to give you a car wash facility that invites car owners to do business with you.

Need an architect?
If you don’t have an architect, Mid-West Equipment Sales can offer you the services of our architect to design a facility that will meet the expectations of both you and your car wash customers.

Have your own architect or builder?
No problem! Mid-West Equipment Sales can work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure your project is done right. Our goal is to partner with your team to ensure the construction and equipment fit together seamlessly. We want to be involved in the design process along with the pre-construction meetings. We also are on call to answer questions from your plumbers, electricians, and engineers.

Here are some recent car wash designs we have recently built!


3 Automatics & 5 Self-Serve


2 Automatics & 3 Self-Serve


2 Automatics & 2 Self-Serve


2 Automatics

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